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Hot, Ergonomic Sex - For Free!

Tuesday July 20, 2010

I just read a book on marketing. After reading that, I figured, well, if I had the words, "Hot,""Sex" and "Free" you'd ignore the word "Ergonomic" and just go ahead and read the article. I'm a little ashamed of myself, of course, for using such marketing techniques so blatantly, but I really wanted you to read this, so I went back on my principles and went ahead and did it anyway! (Um, and this article is free... so that's a part of the "free" part up there, just so it isn't all mere marketing techniques!)

Why, you may ask, would an article on Ergonomics warrant such a breach of principles on my part? That's simple. Reading such an article allows for Hot Sex - longer and more satisfying than otherwise!! Well, then! Maybe my principles haven't been so compromised after all!

The long and the short of it is that the human body simply isn't designed for any position beyond "doggie style!" Not for any length of time, at least. Even "missionary position" places undue strain on the woman's upper thigh muscles, and even though all those push-ups back in High School gave us men some hope for a while, that position just gets harder and harder to do, folks!

Over the years, several products have emerged to help solve the problem. Most notably is the Liberator line, where they took the concept seriously enough to produce fine-furniture level versions of the wedges, cubes and arch-shaped helpers that have demonstrated a proven track record in lending enormous quantum leaps of comfort to the sexual acts. Pipedream has also produced a series of inflatable versions that are quite sturdy. (We sell the Liberator and Pipedream lines in our stores, but not online, though you could call to inquire about their availability.) These solutions work so much better than the improvised "pile-'o-pillows" contrivances often tried but fatefully abandoned due to their habit of typically falling apart at a crucial juncture in the, er, proceedings -- so it is better to just go ahead and buy a wedge, cube or curve item somewhere, or buy it someplace else instead!

Of course, another source of ergonomic sexual positions can be found - even for younger people - in the books and videos on sex for folks over fifty. These instructional resources often show low-impact positions that are still enormously enjoyable, and that both parties can benefit from to last a long time by using them.

A third book or video helpful for discovering ergonomic sex positions and techniques might be any of the Tantric Sex resources available, as they often show nice, low-impact positions that one can use to prolong the experience by applying them and make the love-making experience last for hours! 

One more tool that can "handle" the job are the strap-orientated solutions, like Sportsheet's "I like it Doggie Style" that adds useful "handles" where no "handles" existed before, or their other supporting aid, "Penetration Station" that provides helpful foot support for tired thighs, some handy "handles" for holding you where you want to be held, and there are many other clever ways to use that tool as well!

Study the pictures at our site and let your imagination roam to think of ways these might come in very handy towards that ultimate goal of hot, nirvana sex that is so darn comfortable that it lasts for hours!! (And just think of it - this article came to you for FREE!!)

I rest my case.




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