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How to Perform Fellatio Correctly (and Drive Him Crazy!)

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Whether you call it "Fellatio;" "Giving Head;" "Giving Him a Blow Job;" or "Going Down On Him," there is no question that it gives men an incredible amount of pleasure when done right! So, here's how to get the most reaction. (A companion article preceded this one on the subject of Cunnilingus).

First, one word - teeth! Though very gentle scraping can be a nice side-trip from just using your lips and tongue, for the most part, teeth are simply too abrasive to allow to make contact at all with an erect penis. The harder and more excited the penis is, the more this is true. Of course, it makes a delightful tease to gently bite and "hold" him in your teeth while looking up at him with a bit of mischief in your eyes, but seriously … don't actually bite him!

The best way to keep your teeth out of the way is to simply curl your own lips around and over your teeth to cover them, or open very wide with your mouth and extend your lips into an "oooh" shape. There actually are gummi-candy covers for the teeth, but as they have sugar in them, you want to be absolutely certain that the penis is cleaned of all sugar residue before allowing insertion, as allowing sugar to enter the vagina can lead to yeast infections – a must to avoid!! I suggest performing a "Geisha-Girl fantasy" ritual of cleaning him off gently using a wash cloth and lots of water as an "in-between acts" activity if you opt to use this product (or any product containing sugar).

Whereas just about all people know that the "sliding on and off" motion is the standard way of giving pleasure in this way, keep these other techniques in mind as variations:

  • Just paying attention to the head and just beneath where the nerve bundles are at first, then suddenly using the element of surprise by sliding more fully down the length will have him begging for more of that "full length" coverage.

  • Tilting of the head side-to-side for a swirling motion of your lips in conjunction with tongue motions adds another nice thrill for variety's sake.

Your fingers can be useful tools for adding extra stimulus. Though many instinctively grasp around the base of the penis (both for balance and to keep thrusts under control), better still is to pinch between the forefinger and thumb at the top and bottom of the penis near the base where two pressure points exist that help make the erection even firmer and thus even more sensitive, and use the other hand to lightly caress at the scrotum, using free fingers to apply somewhat firm pressure against the extreme base of the penis beneath the scrotum sack, and even lower pressing against the pressure point of the perineum. Repeated pressure against the perineum can also stimulate the so-called "male G-spot"— and that just HAS to be a good thing!

Often there is pressure to learn how to perform deep-throat, but that can be very difficult to learn, especially if the "gag-reflex" is being difficult to get under control. There are benzocaine-laced candies available that help numb the throat, but the best tips I've heard involved using Chloraseptic® throat spray (a benzocaine–based throat-numbing spray used for sore throats) or painting "Anbesol®" toothache remedy on the back of the throat before starting. Users of these tricks swear by their effectiveness, and eventually you may learn to control your throat muscles and that pesky "gag-reflex" so you can do it without using either of these aids.

Finally, there is the issue of whether you take the man's ejaculate into your mouth. Many find the taste of a man's "cum" is very acid. There is a reason for this - the male's "Cowper's Gland" mixes an acid in with the semen "on the way out" to match the acidity that will be encountered by the sperm when it makes contact with the walls of the woman's vagina. To lessen the shock of the change in acidity the sperms will encounter, some acidity is introduced up front. The "bite" of this acidity can be lessened by the man drinking fruit juices (such as pineapple juice, which is very effective) and by avoiding alcoholic beverages. A "cum sweetener" consisting of high fructose content, bee pollen and fruit flavinoids is also available that can be taken an hour beforehand that works just as well as drinking the fruit juices do. (These techniques work well for sweetening female secretions, also!)

I hope this short article has cleared up some areas of mystery for you and given you some useful information towards making the act of fellatio a most pleasurable experience for both of you!



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