Choosing a Toy Guide – A Man

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first for general information about all types of toys. In this section, we discuss the five categories of toys often used by a man.

Toys for Men aren’t just for solo play, even if these are the most popular ones for just that. Every toy here can add whole realms of excitement when used with a partner, male or female, usually with one person applying the toy to the other.

We’ve separated these toys into five main categories: Sleeves; Body Molds and Dolls; Rings; Pumps; and, Prostate Toys.

Sleeves: Also known as “male masturbators,” they simulate the feeling of insertion into the mouth, vagina, or anus. They can vary from disposable jelly tubes to reusable, textured, realistic-feeling toys with suction.

Body Molds & Dolls: It’s hard to mimic the feel of a real live partner, but these toys try. Classic blow-up dolls have orifices for penetration. Other masturbators are molded from the body parts of real porn stars. Usually made from Cyberskin, these are realistic in both look and feel.

Erection Rings: Rings fit around his penis to hold blood in the shaft to keep it erect. Some rings vibrate to add stimulation to one or both partners (or are put on a dildo). The vibrating bullet is often part of a tickler that pushes against the clitoral area on the in-stroke, combining the best of partner sex and vibrator stimulation into one sensational experience.

Pumps: A cylinder attached to a piston or squeeze bulb creates a vacuum around the penis. It can be used to create an erection for someone with erectile difficulties, for masturbatory purposes, or as an exercise to temporarily increase girth.

Prostate Toys: These are insertable toys that stimulate the “male g-spot” called the prostate gland. Located about three to four inches inside the anal cavity, pressure and massage can create exquisite sensations almost equivalent to direct penile stimulation. Prostate toys are crooked similarly to G-spot toys for women, and often vibrate. Depending on the design, G-spot toys and prostate toys can be interchangeable.