Choosing a Toy Guide – A Woman

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. We recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first for general information about all types of toys. In this section, we discuss the four general categories of toys often used by women.

First off, don’t let the title of this section lock you into thinking that these toys are only for women to use when alone. Every toy here can add whole realms of excitement when used with a partner, male or female. In fact, most of these toys can be used by a solo man, or a male couple.

We’ve called it “Toys for a Woman” because these are the toys that are most often used by women on their own. Any toy that can be used alone can also be used with a partner, usually with one person applying the toy to the other.

We’ve separated these toys into four main categories – Insertable, Clitoral, Dual, and Anal –  and within each of those are various sub-categories.

Insertable Toys

Toys designed for insertion tend to be longer, wider, and more penis-shaped than toys meant for stimulating just the clitoris and vulva. They vary widely in shape, texture, size, and material. Some are designed for a specific purpose, such as G-spot stimulation.

  • Vibrators: This is what most people think of when they picture a sex toy. These toys have motors that make the toy vibrate (hence the name).
  • G-Spot: These toys all have some kind of curved or hooked tip that is designed to be rubbed or stroked against the G-spot. Read our G-spot articles for more information. They can also be used on the man’s prostate.
  • Dildos: Dildos can be realistic or not realistic looking. Many fit into strap-on harnesses for use with a partner. These toys usually don’t vibrate, but some have removable (and easily replaceable) bullet vibrators.

Clitoral Toys

Toys designed for external stimulation of the clitoris (and other body parts) are almost always some type of vibrator. A few of these toys are large and powerful, capable of massaging muscles, while most of them are smaller and more discreet than Insertable or Dual types.

  • Handheld: Most of these are battery powered, portable, and compact. They’re designed for stimulating the clitoris and labia, and some can be inserted an inch or so to stimulate the vaginal entrance. Bullets and egg-style vibrators fall into this category.
  • Wearable: Also known as “hands free” vibrators, most of these toys consist of a small vibrator encased in a soft casing attached to an elastic harness. Wearables have corded controllers or wireless remotes. They can be used alone, or to provide unobtrusive vibration during vaginal penetration, or worn under clothing for private pleasure in a public setting.

Dual Toys

These are vibrators penetrate while they stimulate the clitoris. Made famous by Samantha and Miranda on “Sex In The City,” these toys are known as “rabbits” even though not all of them are rabbit shaped (dolphins, butterflies, and other shapes are available). They feature an insertable shaft with swirling rotating beads and a vibrating clitoral tickler. They combine the best of both worlds and provide a wide range of simultaneous sensations.

Anal Toys

Although almost any toy can be used for anal pleasure, the ones in our Anal Toy section are mostly of two styles: string-of-beads, and anal plug. They have a pull ring or a wide, flared base so they don’t accidentally go too deep.