Choosing a Toy Guide – Beginners Toys

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. Read Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics to get started. It provides general information about all types of toys.

Everyone asks us, “What’s the best toy?” That’s ultimately a matter of opinion. What’s great for one person may not appeal to another. The best toy is the one that a person enjoys using. Until you have tried and experienced different toys, you’ll never know what is best for you. When shopping for your first toy, look for one that you are comfortable with, one that looks nice, or one that just catches your eye even if you don’t know why. Sexual exploration can be scary at times (even if it’s also exciting). A toy that you’re comfortable with means you’ll be more relaxed when you use it, and that means you’re more likely to have fun when using it.

Finding toys you like is a matter of trial and error. We suggest starting your explorations with toys that have simple controls and are economically priced. They are ideal for a first vibrator, or an inexpensive way to try a new style. Our advice is to buy an inexpensive toy to experiment, and if you like it you can upgrade to something with more functions.

Things to consider:

  • Where do you want to put it? Think about where on your body you want to use the toy. Some toys can be used in multiple ways, while some toys have a specific purpose (like anal beads or wearable clitoral vibrators).
  • Where do you want to use it? Some toys are quiet, while some are louder. Some are suitable for the bathtub and shower, and others are designed for frequent travelers.
  • How easy to clean do you need your toy to be? The choice of toy material is important if the toy will be used anally or shared among multiple users. Porous rubber or jelly toys come in a variety of styles, but are harder to clean than hard plastic and silicone.
  • How much do you want to spend? There’s a toy for every budget (and probably more than one). Keeping your price limit in mind will help narrow the field.
  • Don’t rush yourself. Forcing yourself to attempt more than you are comfortable with is a wonderful way to have a horrible time. If you’re worried about penetration, get a toy designed for external use. If you do get a toy for penetration, use it externally for a while until you’re ready to take the next step. This goes for both vaginal and anal play. Massage the area, pay attention to the whole body, be relaxed, and then go a step further.
  • Learn about your body and what you intend (hope, desire, want) to do with it. Read the articles in our Learn Section or other reliable sites on the web. Knowing how to keep yourself safe and protected while still having fun means you can relax and have lots of fun!
  • Just because we called these toys “beginner” doesn’t mean you have to start with them. If there’s a toy in another section that makes your palms sweaty and your eyes light up with desire, by all means start with that one!

The toys featured below are just a tiny sampling of the toys we recommend for beginners. Visit us or explore our website for more options!

Beginner Clitoral Toys

Beginner Insertables

Beginner Anal and Prostate Toys