Choosing a Toy Guide – Erection Rings

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first. It provides general information about all types of toys.

Erection rings fit at the base of the penis to hold blood in the shaft to keep it erect. Some rings have vibrators to add stimulation to one or both partners. The vibe pushes against the clitoral area on the in-stroke, combining the best of partner sex and vibrator stimulation into one sensational experience.

These rings are also used in strap-on harnesses to hold the dildo on, and can be switched out to accommodate different sizes. Sliding a vibrating erection ring onto a dildo adds another dimension to strap-on play.

Things to consider:

  • Blood enters through the center of the penis and leaves through the outer edges; the tension of the ring at the base helps keep blood in the penis. This can mean longer, harder erections, BUT you should never wear a ring for more than 30 minutes at a time. Holding blood in one area for too long is a BAD thing. If you’re having a long session, take the ring off for a while and let your tissues “breathe” for at least as long as you were wearing it, then slip it on again if you want a second round.
  • Holding blood in the penis can change the sensation of orgasm for the man. Some men report feeling a different sensation (neither better or worse, just different), while others say it creates a stronger, more intense, and/or longer lasting sensation of orgasm.
  • Not all rings stretch. While some are stretchy, other rings are metal, rubber, plastic, or leather held closed with snaps or velcro. The metal ones are mainly to use in harnesses or for decoration on humans (and they can feel good to wear around), but they don’t maintain an erection like a stretchy ring does.
  • Some rings stretch more than others. Rings with vibrators tend to be made of very stretchy materials. A ring that is too loose or too tight wouldn’t be good. Some rings come in packs with a variety of sizes so that you can use the best-fitting size.
  • Vibrating rings work just as well with a dildo or other non-vibrating toy. It doesn’t matter if they’re put on a male member or artificial shaft (or even fingers). If they come into contact with the clitoral area, vibrations will carry and pleasure will be felt.
  • The vibrations of the bullet will affect both partners. The wearer will feel it all the time at the base of his member while his partner will experience it most strongly when he is deeply inserted and the vibe is pressing against the clitoral area.
  • Some vibrating rings have a single bullet (typically worn on top so it comes in contact with the clitoris), while other rings feature two bullets (the second bullet will stimulate the perineum).
  • Some vibrating toys use built-in bullets while other use replaceable bullets. If a replaceable bullet should fail, a replacement bullets are usually cheaper than buying a whole new toy.  Rings with built-in bullets don’t usually have replaceable batteries, so they have to be replaced entirely when they die. The good news is these are typically cheaper toys, and are an inexpensive way to try a vibrating ring without paying a lot.