Choosing a Toy Guide – G-Spot Toys

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first. It provides general information about all types of toys.

G-Spot Toys all have some kind of curved or hooked tip to rub or stroke against the G-spot. Read our G-spot articles for more information. They can also be used to stimulate the man’s prostate.

Things to consider:

  • The bad news is that finding a G-spot toy that works best for you might possibly take more work than any other type of toy. The good news is that putting in the effort of finding out what works for you can be lots of fun all on its own, and that once you find the right toy, many women say they have the best orgasms ever!
  • You may want to explore with your (or a partner’s) fingers before buying a toy. Find out where your G-spot is and how it likes to be touched before you invest in a toy. Then buy the toy that’s perfect for your individual needs.
  • Short, long, or in-between? The G-spot isn’t located in the same spot on all women. For most women it’s about two inches inside, but for some women it’s near the cervix, or somewhere in between. If you know where yours is, you’ll know how long a toy you’ll need.
  • Straight or curved? Some women like the feeling of the shaft moving in and out while the angled tip presses against the g-spot. For them, a toy with a long, straight shaft is perfect. Other women prefer the rocking motion of a curved toy that can be pressed against the g-spot in a rhythmic motion without necessarily moving in and out.
  • To vibrate or not to vibrate, that is the question. The G-spot can be such an intense cluster of nerves that some women find vibrations to be a distraction and only want the pressure of a simple toy. Others enjoy the sensations of a vibrator throughout the entire area, especially one that has clitoral stimulation at the same time.
  • A two for one deal? Toys marketed for the g-spot are usually also good for stimulating the male prostate (and vice versa). Men may want to shop this section in addition to shopping the prostate toys section. Remember, never use the same toy for both anal and vaginal play. Don’t risk spreading bacteria from one to the other. Buy two toys instead, one for each area, and never get them mixed up.