Choosing a Toy Guide – Pumps

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first.

Penis pumps are comprised of a cylinder attached to a piston or squeeze bulb that creates a vacuum around the penis. It can be used to create an erection for someone with erectile difficulties, for masturbatory purposes, or to temporarily increase girth.

The pressure change created by the vacuum will make the penis expand to fill the chamber. Because of anatomy, the penis will expand to the sides before it will get longer, so girth changes first, then length.

Things to consider:

  • 30 Minutes Maximum! We’re putting this fact first on the list so everyone reads it and remembers it. A pump creates a vacuum pulling blood into the penis and holding it there almost like a tourniquet. Never use a pump or erection ring for more than 30 minutes at a time. That is not an area of the body that you want to risk damaging.
  • Pistol grip or squeeze bulb? Pumps create vacuum in one of two ways. A squeeze bulb is the least expensive but it’s limited to the springiness of the bulb. When the vacuum gets strong, the bulb stops rebounding and can’t pull more air out. This limits the strength of the vacuum. A pistol grip (or finger grip) pump uses a piston to pump out the air. Most of these have a gauge on them so you can monitor the strength of the vacuum. They cost more, but they create a vacuum as strong as you want. You may need to be careful to not create too strong a suction and possibly hurt yourself. If you feel pain at any time, release the pressure and go easier in the future.
  • Lube it up. Using a lubricant will help create a better seal between the mouth of the cylinder and your skin and will maintain the vacuum. Many guys use a gel lube with pumps so the lubricant stays where you put it.
  • To create and maintain an erection, use the pump to create a vacuum to pull blood into the penis. Then put on an erection ring to maintain the erection and you’re good to go for half an hour.
  • The vacuum created by a pump can simulate the experience of oral sex. There are even pump seals sold separately that are closely related to sleeves, and resemble a mouth, vagina, or ass, to make masturbation even better.
  • Using a pump for 30 minutes a day every day might slowly stretch the skin a little bit and thus increase the maximum size. However, pumps will not “add several inches” like some ads claim. Nothing short of expensive and risky surgery will do that.