Choosing a Toy Guide – Rabbits

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend reading Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics first. It provides general information about all types of toys.  

Made famous by Samantha and Miranda on “Sex in the City,” vibrators with both insertable shafts and clitoral vibes are known as Rabbits, even though many are shaped like dolphins, butterflies, and textured nubs. They combine the best of both worlds, providing women with the clitoral stimulation that most need to achieve orgasm plus a vibrating, rotating shaft for internal stimulation.

Things to consider:

  • “Show us your beads” isn’t just for Mardis Gras. Rabbit toys often contain rotating beads in the shaft. Others feature a section of loose beads that move and pulse. Some have a single, wide band of beads while others have two or three narrow rows. Some have beads set close together while others are spread apart. Each style creates a subtly different sensation.
  • Ears, nose, tail, or tongue . . . it doesn’t matter what shape the clitoral tickler takes, only that it fits your anatomy. Some are larger, longer, or wider than others. This could be good or bad depending the relative location of the clitoris to the vaginal opening, or one’s preference for having that sensation spread over the entire genital area or concentrated in a single point.
  • In the base or in the tip? While the clitoral tickler vibrates on all of these toys, the vibrator for the shaft is sometimes set in the base of the shaft, or sometimes up in the tip of the shaft (where it penetrates deepest). The sensations may travel along the shaft to be felt all over, but the strongest feeling will of course be closest to the source.
  • Too much of a good thing? Although some women adore these toys, there are others for whom it can be a sensory overload. Some women discover that the clitoral stimulator is the only part of the rabbit toy that they’re interested in, and eventually switch to a clitoral vibe.
  • Front and back at the same time? A few of these toys have an extension that stimulates the perineum, while others have a second shaft designed for anal insertion.
  • Look ma, no hands! Some of these toys are designed to be hands-free, leaving your hands available to do other things to your own body or to your partner.