Choosing a Toy Guide – Couples

Welcome to the Choosing a Toy Guide series. Start with Choosing a Toy Guide – The Basics for general information about all types of toys. 

Any toy that can be used alone can be used with a partner (or several). This section is called Toys for Couples because these are the toys that are best used with two people, or that are designed to make it easy for two people to use together. We highly recommend that you also read Choosing a Toy – A Woman and Choosing a Toy – A Man to learn about other toys that you can use on each other.

There are four categories of toys best suited for couple play: Bullets and Eggs;  Clitoral Wearable; Vibrating Erection Rings; and, Strap-on Harnesses.

Bullets and Eggs: These toys have a controller attached by a wire, or a wireless remote. This makes it easy to use by either partner and in a variety of physical positions. They’re great for external clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral Wearable: Also known as “hands free” vibrators, most of these toys consist of a small vibrator encased in a soft sleeve attached to an elastic harness. They can be used alone or to provide unobtrusive vibration during vaginal penetration and can be worn under clothing for private pleasure in a public setting.

Erection Rings: Rings fit around his penis to hold blood in the shaft to keep it erect. Some rings vibrate to add stimulation to one or both partners (or are put on a dildo). The vibrating bullet is often part of a tickler that pushes against the clitoral area on the in-stroke, combining the best of partner sex and vibrator stimulation into one sensational experience.

Strap-on Harnesses: Definitely designed for couples, these harnesses secure a dildo onto one partner for penetration of the other person. The harnesses can be a series of straps or look like ordinary underwear. Dildos can be realistic or not, and use a flared base to hold them in the harness. There are endless combinations of harnesses and dildos, offering couples an array of choices.