Cuddling Marathon Challenge!

Cuddling is deceptive. People frequently think of it as merely foreplay or an obligatory after-sex activity. In truth, it’s key to prolonging the sexual experience.

Cuddles rule. They are all about a soft touch, warm and gentle caresses, and the smooth stroking of a partner’s body just about everywhere….but not with an intention to seduce. Yes, cuddling can (and does) lead to more carnal activities, but cuddling itself invokes physical and emotional intimacy while keeping both partners in the moment.  That presence of mind allows cuddling to evolve into something more heated.  The more intense the cuddling, the more heated things become. As foreplay, cuddling is hard to beat for its surprising build.

Don’t overlook cuddling as a during-intercourse activity. It provides a break from more physical activities. For instance, before an ejaculation can occur, dive into a cuddling session to extend your time together. Repeat that cycle a few times, and hours can pass.

It’s a deceptively simple activity. Cuddling can start with sitting next to each other holding hands, and then gently caressing your partner’s knees and forelegs. You may move to lie with your head nestled between your partner’s legs or resting your head on your partner’s tummy, or shifting into the classic “spooning” position. From whatever position you choose, touch your partner. Clasp your fingers together. Kiss the other’s knuckles. Blow on his neck. Nibble her ear. Bite his shoulder. Gentle scratches over sensitive areas like the neck, the back, the backs of the thighs brings awareness of each other’s bodies that sometimes get overlooked during foreplay.

As an interlude between hotter sexual activities, cuddling includes quiet time to feel how filled with passion you have become. Focus this passionate energy in a gentle way, and the contrast will build and build till it grows to blow both of your minds.

That is where the “marathon challenge” comes in.

See how long you can keep a cuddling session going without letting it lead to actual sex. Go ahead and time yourselves. The longer you can keep this cuddling session going, the more amazing things will become once things become heated. The longer the buildup, the hotter things get, the more intense the sex will be…and the longer it will last.

That’s the kind of marathon everyone wants to win.