Ergonomic Sex

Ergonomics brings to mind special keyboards for preventing carpal tunnel or picking the ideal office chair for good posture. Body position is just as important with sexual positions. Injuries, aging, and plain old discomfort affect what we do in bed (and how well we do it).

From an ergonomic perspective, doggie style provides optimum comfort and avoids stress or injury. It puts partners on about the same level, offers plenty of support, and puts little strain on either person’s back and joints. The human body isn’t designed for most other sexual positions. Even the classic man-on-top missionary position places strain on a woman’s upper thigh muscles, not to mention a man’s shoulders and back. Creative positions can give the most athletic of us cramps, aches, or injuries. A chronically-aching back or old knee injury can make it hard to get or stay in one position. Fortunately, there are solutions.

The Liberator line of fine-furniture-level wedges, cubes, and arch-shapes are way above using pillows to get just the right angle or to prevent an aching back. They are also fantastic for partners with a significant height difference to get all the parts lined up. Sturdy foam with removable, washable microfiber covers in a variety of colors give needed height and great support. Unlike their pillowy counterparts, these maintain their shapes and don’t go flat over time. Liberator makes a variety of small shapes like the Jaz, Jaz Motion, and Bonbon, up to large furniture pieces available through their website.

Low-impact oral sex positions abound in The Oral Sex Position Guide by Emily Dubberly. Beautiful color photographs accompany detailed descriptions of positions ranging from the simple to the athletic. Most of them feature some type of support – the floor, a sofa, a chair, or bed – and many positions are back- and knee-friendly (or could be modified to accommodate).

Occasionally we need a handle where none exists. Sportsheets Plus Size Doggy Style Strap is useful support to maintain positions. These straps hold a partner around the waist to take some of the pressure off the hands and knees. Getting the legs up high enough for optimum g-spot access can be exhausting, but Luxe Fetish’s G-Spot Pal takes off the strain. The G-Spot Pal runs an easy-to-grab strap between two ankle cuffs, giving a way to hold a woman’s legs up without tiring.

Whatever position you choose, remember that comfort is key to pleasure, and ergonomics aren’t just for the office. Use these tools to keep the stress off your joints and out of the bedroom.