Fewer Orgasms For Older Men… Huh???

Imagine my chagrin when I learned recently that the older one becomes, the less frequently they should have an “ejaculatory orgasm” – or one where they have an ejaculation. This just doesn’t seem fair!

Apparently, the amount and number of physical resources that the male body uses up to have an ejaculation is truly enormous. After all, the body marshals all of its resources to procreate. The whole life-perpetuating system is geared towards putting out as much energy as is available to ensure the continuation of the human species. The act of ejaculation is amazingly resource-intensive.

As we age, we replace these exhausted resources more slowly than we do when we are younger. Ejaculation steals away our bodies’ energy, vitamins and minerals, and neurotransmitters that we need just to get by day-to-day. We can endanger our own health from too-frequent ejaculatory climaxes. This becomes more true the older one gets, even if taking over-50 vitamin formulas.

The solution, according to some posts over at the Aneros website, is to discover other kinds of orgasm besides the typical ejaculation orgasm. The discovery of the male G-spot near the prostate area and the full-body orgasms it can bring on have opened up new vistas of possibilities for many, many men.

Some writers suggest we treat the entire experience as a prolonged state of orgasm, from the moment of being aroused to the complete, utter, quivering jelly states of exhaustion that are likely rather inevitable after five or six full-body orgasms.

Well, I certainly hope so! I’m not growing older and more open-minded just to be told I should have wonderful fun far less often! Shucks no!

I’m looking at it this way: the older I get, the richer and deeper the sexual experience becomes. It offers more depth and breadth, more intensity in the focus on each moment, and more open to the possibility of multiple orgasms, which were previously only considered mythical entities for males.  I’m having much better sex nowadays than I had when I was younger, thank you!