Head of the Class: Fellatio Tips

Whether you call it fellatio, giving head, a blow job, or going down, there is no doubt that oral sex  gives men an incredible amount of pleasure when done right!  Here are a few tips from our  class “Oral Bliss: Getting Great at Going Down.”

Most men respond to speed, pressure, and regular rhythm. Start by paying attention to the tip of the penis, the head, and the bundle of nerves on the underside where the head meets the shaft. Then use the element of surprise and slide more fully down the length to make him beg for more of that full length coverage.

Tilt the head side-to-side for a swirling motion of your lips in conjunction with tongue motions adds another nice thrill.

Deep throating – taking the entire length of the penis into one’s mouth – is a goal for many people, and one that can be hard to achieve thanks to the gag reflex. It’s easy enough to practice taking as much of the penis length into one’s mouth as possible. There are also benzocaine-laced candies available that help numb the throat, and benzocaine–based throat-numbing sprays such as Comfortably Numb. A quick spray before playing with your partner and eventually you may learn to control your throat muscles so you can do  without using either of these aids.

A word about using teeth: Don’t. For the most part, teeth are simply too abrasive to make contact with a sensitive penis. The best way to keep your teeth out of the way is to simply curl your own lips around and over your teeth to cover them, or open very wide with your mouth and extend your lips into an O-shape. This protects him from an accidental grazing that would take him out of pleasure and into pain.

Fingers are the perfect tools for adding extra stimulus. A classic move is to grasp around the base of the penis, both for balance and to keep his thrusts under control. Even better is to circle the forefinger and thumb at the base of the penis to make the erection even firmer and thus even more sensitive. With the other hand, lightly caress his scrotum, behind the scrotum, or press his perineum to stimulate his prostate gland from the outside. That sensitive gland can add a layer of pleasure he may not know exists!

Finally, there is the eternal question of whether to take the man’s ejaculate into your mouth. There is no right answer to this question. We recommend you do what you feel comfortable. Some people object to the taste of semen, which can be bitter or acidic. There is a reason for this: men have a gland that mixes an acid in with his semen as it exits his body to help the sperm match the acidity they will encounter in the female vagina. Men can reduce this acidic flavor by drinking pineapple juice, and by avoiding alcholic beverages.  (These techniques work well for sweetening female secretions, also!) We also sell Sweeten 69, a fluid sweetener that can be taken an hour beforehand and works just as well as drinking fruit juice.

Whether used as a warm up or the main event, fellatio is a great way to get his motor running. For more on fellatio, check out our instructional books or attend one of our in-person classes!