Love in the time of coronavirus

UPDATE 6/10/2020

We are now able to welcome guests into the store once again!

This week we will be open from Mon-Sat from 12pm until 7pm. We will be closed Sunday. All guests will be required to wear masks inside the store at all times, and all store employees will be wearing masks while we assist you. We are doing this for your safety, as well as our own.

For those uncomfortable wearing masks, we will continue offering curbside pickup. Shop online and select store pickup on the shopping cart screen. If it arrives between 2 and 7, it will typically be prepared within 15 minutes and ready to be picked up same day. Please call with any questions.

If you are shopping for supplements, you can find the page here.

Thank you so much for your support in this. We have always been grateful for our customers choosing to shop with us, and that goes tenfold now. We expect the return to full normal to take some time, but we look forward to continuing to provide the level of service and the shopping experience you have come to expect from us.

Some questions you might have:

Can I come in the store?
Yes. At this time we are allowing customers into the store in limited quantities. We ask you to wear a face covering and maintain distance from our other guests.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. We have reviewed the CDC guidelines and listened to the experts on TV. The consensus is that everyone wearing masks decreases the spread. So we wear them for you, and you wear them for us. This is not a political statement from us, it is an expression of concern and solidarity.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask in the store?

You will not be permitted to enter the store without a mask on. If you remove your mask, you will be asked to leave. If you don’t want to wear one, we are happy to assist you with placing an order for curbside pickup. We respect your opinion, but we will not allow something that we believe may endanger our staff or other guests.

Can I try on lingerie?
Yes, though only hanging items (nothing sold in a box). We are limiting the number of items for trying on to four at this time, as we need to sanitize each item after it has been tried on. All items will that are tried on and not purchased will be steamed before being returned to the rack for sale.

Does this affect the return policy?
Our policy has always been no returns or exchanges, and this will continue. If anything, the crisis increases the risk of accepting returns. If you are uncertain of your purchase, whether it be lingerie or other product, please do not buy it. We regret that this is an inconvenience, but the current circumstances necessitate it.

Will I get my rewards points if I shop online?
Yes! Our website works with our rewards system. As long as you use your same email address at checkout, you should see your purchases reflected in your rewards account. If for any reason you do not, please shoot us an email at and we will fix it.

How long before you reopen with regular hours and access?
We wish we knew. We are taking this a week at a time, following the news and testing our own comfort zones. To be entirely transparent, we are very nervous about what to expect, so we are taking baby steps. Should things go well, we expect to expand our hours, ultimately to our original schedule.

We will continue to update this page as things change.