Magic Wands and Wand Vibrators

Magic wands have been among the best-selling vibrators for decades because of their raw power. Wand toys are some of the largest sex toys around, ranging from 12 to 16 inches long with a vibrating knob on one end. Designed for external stimulation, the large vibrating heads are great on the clitoris, labia, perineum, or anywhere else you might want seriously powerful vibrations.

The original Magic Wand manufactured by Hitachi was intended for back massage, but naughty-minded people soon found a new purpose for its deep, rumbling vibrations.  Users have two choices of intensity levels with the original model: high or low. The downsides are a hard-to-sanitize vinyl head cap and the fact that it plugs into the wall, which some people find limiting. The Magic Wand Rechargeable addressed these shortcomings by adding a silicone head, 4 intensity levels, and 4 vibration patterns. It’s ridiculously intense, whether used in cordless mode or plugged in with its 7-foot cord. Despite the versatility of the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the original Magic Wand remains one of the top-selling toys at Frisky Business and the go-to model for people looking for strong vibrations.

In the last 10 years, other companies have improved on the original two-speed wand design. Body Wand introduced several versions with a controller wheel to fine-tune the intensity or quickly vary the strength with just a flick of a thumb. The Original Body Wand Massager plugs into the wall and is roughly the same size and strength as the Original Magic Wand but features a hard plastic vibrating head cap and controller wheel. Body Wand also makes two mid-sized versions: one that plugs into the wall, and one that’s rechargeable with pulsation features.

Many customers express to our staff that they want smaller, quieter vibrators that are as powerful as their favorite plug-in wand toy. The Palm Power Recharge takes this feedback into account with a 7-inch overall length and a moderate noise level. Its single-button control packs a lot of punch into a slender pink-and-black shaft tipped with interchangeable silicone caps. The Pillow Talk is newer small rechargeable silicone wand that is all about intensity while keeping the noise level to a minimum.

Wand toys are designed for external use, but a variety of caps convert the vibes for vaginal or anal insertion. To address this, the Body Wand Plus Curve is a curved plug-in insertable wand vibe with 8 pulsation modes, finally providing the intensity of a plug-in wand to people who crave powerful rumbles internally.

If power appeals, look for toys that plug into the wall. Rechargeable toys can be nearly as powerful, but the smaller the toy is, the less intense it may feel to the user. When it comes to raw power, battery-powered vibes simply can’t compete with ones that plug into the wall.

The question on everyone’s mind is “Do wands equal instant orgasms every time?” Despite what porn tells us, no. For some people the vibrations are simply too intense or at too high a frequency to bring the user to a climax. They are very powerful and people love them, but using a wand vibrator does not guarantee an orgasm. However, for people who love powerful vibration, nothing beats a magic wand toy. (And hey, you can always use it as a back massager.)