Male Sexual Health – Part 1

Men’s sexual health is at a national all-time low. Men have this pesky gland called the prostate that just doesn’t get enough circulation or nutrients anymore in this “sit at the computer/sit at the T.V./sit in the restaurant/sit in the office/sit in the car” age. Sit, sit, sit! If we didn’t sit so darn much we might have a chance! For many men, it is about as impossible to avoid sitting as it is to find healthy food choices at a gas station convenience store!

How can we get the much-needed circulation to that vital (but hard to reach) part of male anatomy? For a start, gently massage the perineum area between the scrotum and anus, or use the massage method described here, but to actually reach the prostate requires inserting something somewhat thicker than a thermometer into the rectum. A finger just isn’t long enough to penetrate deeply enough to reach the gland properly. People have used a variety of household items to solve this problem, from an old cigar tube to a condom-wrapped drumstick. Others have bought “prostate massagers” that were actually just a repackaging of G-spot toys for women. Some folks pay nearly $200/session for a professional to apply a “prostate massage.” That’s pricey considering it’s not even a full-body massage – just one little body part!

Fortunately, a medical device was developed to help solve this problem, and it’s now available as a sex toy. The Aneros MGX was originally designed to allow a self-massage of the prostate by flexing the PC muscles (more on that in Part 2), to bring back healthy circulation, which then moves out the toxins built up and brings in fresh blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to this otherwise very neglected area. What a boon it would be for men’s health if folks would use these regularly. (Here’s a great website devoted to just this subject.)

It was soon discovered that the Aneros gives men the same full-bodied extreme multiple orgasms that women get from G-spot stimulation, because the same nerve bundles that make the G-spot work in women are positioned in males  around the prostate area. Prostate massage can lead to full-body orgasms for men. Getting healthy suddenly seems much more enticing! So, consider taking care of yourself or a loved one with an Aneros. Live longer and live happily!