My, the things you say!

You probably already know this one: What’s the most important sex organ? Answer: the brain. Turning on a partner is more about exciting the mind than the genitals, so wear something sexy, do some role-playing, or just talk a little dirty.

Ideas for Erotic Talk

Describe: Just say what you are thinking.

Describe what you are imagining for some future sexual encounter:

“When I come home tonight, it would be great if you…”

Reveal sexual thoughts or feelings at whatever time you have them:

“I was just thinking about how totally you turn me on and just wanted to share.”

Share feelings or responses to what a partner is doing during sex:

“When you touch my face like that, it makes me feel…”

Narrate what is taking place during a sexual encounter, like a sexy running commentary:

“Now you’re kissing my ears, and I’m running my fingers across your shoulder blades ever so softly.”

Talk about the fantasy that is running through your head:

“I’m imagining that you’re the pool boy, and you’re watching me rub myself down with oil.”

Instruct: This can be as tender and playful as you want it to be, or it can take on elements of power play and domination.

Make sexy requests/demands:

“When I come home tonight, I want you to…”

Tell your partner exactly what to do in terms of pleasuring you:

“Oh, please bite my neck. Oh yeah, right there. Now just a little harder.”

Or, put on your dominant hat for a minute and give some outright orders:

“Down on your knees, boy!”

Compliment: Make a special effort to comment on all the things your partner is or does that you find especially pleasing or wonderful or arousing.

Comment on a favorite body part:

“You have the sexiest neck and shoulders. I could kiss and caress them for hours.”

Say what is uniquely special about them:

“When you look at me like that, I feel like you’re seeing through to my very soul.”

Acknowledge the little things they do for you:

“I love that you always know when I’m in a bad mood and you find a way to cheer me up.”

Express your reactions to their actions:

“That little trick you do with your tongue, wow… just wow!”

Tease: Give a sneak preview of sexual attractions to come.

Give them something to think about when they can’t actually do anything about it:

“Too bad we’re in this crowded store…oh,  did I mention I’m not wearing underwear?”

Hint at future plans:

“You better be well rested for this coming weekend, because I’m not letting you get any sleep.”

Tell your partner what you’ll be doing when they’re not around:

“While you’re working late tonight, I’ll be naked in bed thinking about you.”

Be outrageous or naughty: Take all those slightly raunchy thoughts that you’ve never let out of your mouth, crank them up a couple of notches to definitely raunchy, and let ‘em rip!

Tell a fantasy that you’d never actually want to happen:

“I’m imagining that you strip me naked, tie me spreadeagled to the hood of your car, and …”

Beg: When you get to the point where you’re going crazy out of your mind with desire and need, feel free to say so.

“I need you inside me right now! Oh, please!”

Tell a story: Recount a scenario from a steamy novel or adult video that got you and/or your partner going, or make one up from scratch.

It’s not necessary to make up a story yourself. You could just read a story aloud to your partner. There are uncounted thousands of stories on the web, or buy an erotic book and read a chapter each night in bed to your partner. The point is to start spinning a sexy tale with characters, dialogue, and lots of action, but requiring only the sound of your voice and the imagination of you and your partner.

It is possible to turn your partner on with your tongue in more ways than one. Even from a distance you can stroke your partner’s ego, excite their emotions, and stimulate their imagination. Turn on your partner’s mind, and their heart and body will surely follow.