Sex Games

Ah, sex games! We at Frisky Business Boutique love the idea of more giggles and fun going along with sex—in the bedroom and all over the house (heck, why not outside?). Sex doesn’t always have to be about the wildly horned-out and spontaneous passions coming only from having the “urge.” That “urge” can be nurtured by playing various cool and even silly sex games!

Sex games create sexual tension that grows as you play the game. It is that build-up of sexual tension that is guaranteed to explode into passion and some very, very hot sex, and that is what makes playing these games so potent and ultimately rewarding!

You can make games up yourselves, but if you need some inspiration there are many games on the market that are lots of fun to play.

Board games, for instance. Every throw of the dice builds on the sexual tension as you move around the board, and by the time you get to the end—IF you get to the end!—you both will be primed and ready for some action! Try the Mile High Club game for foreplay fun and erotic activities as you race through airplane rows to be the first to reach first class. For group fun, Sexopoly lets players conquer the adult industry, but watch out for “Risky” and “Frisky” cards that relieve players of their assets and clothes!

Card games are also a lot of fun, and there are many styles of game-play available. To get you started, Let’s Fool Around is a blast! Bedroom Commands offers orders for him and her. For fun in a group, Who is the Biggest Pervert drinking game will get the confessions going! My favorite game title has to be The Game Made Me Do It!, which suggests a variety of teasing and pleasing activities. Be sure to check out all of the games we have online, and there are even more to see in our stores!

Dice games are perfect for the couple on the go: they’re lightweight, small, and easy to use. Just roll the dice for a sexy new suggestion. Try the Oral Sex Dice  for a variety of locations, body parts, and things to do to all the parts.

Another favorite to add to your daily dose of playfulness are the coupon books that you hand your lover to redeem at any given time of the day. There are X-rated versions, as well as several that simply build up the romance factor.

Beyond the formal games one can add to a game collection, there are several to can play that are derived from your shared fantasies! I’m talking about those which come from the two of you making and sharing lists of your personal, wicked, and perhaps a little bit taboo and kinky fantasies. You both then share each other’s lists, and make comparisons, ask questions, and plan on ways that you can fulfill some of these fantasies.

Turn the sharing of these fantasies into a game, which can break the tension of admitting to some of your more private fantasies and keep things fun – and even a little giggly and silly! Perhaps being required to give a “fantasy review,” in a way similar to doing a movie review, all in good fun and to break the ice for asking questions and further sharing. Then create some games that lead to fulfilling these fantasies – perhaps your own board game concept (personalized to your own fantasies) or some other idea, like a scripted fantasy or role-play scenario. Or, experiment with Cosmo’s Kinky Sex Games, a card game designed to help couples explore fantasies they might otherwise be too embarrassed to try.

The important thing is to keep the game from feeling like there is a winner and a loser. Everyone should be a winner in any game of intimate encounters! Any fantasies indulged in should be done with full consent and total willingness by both people to participate. Pressuring someone to try something they aren’t either interested in or ready for (or making a partner feel guilty for refusing) is not the way to foster fun times or intimacy.

Role-play games can be played “for serious,” or mixed in with giggles, funny remarks, or teases. Even playing out a “dungeon” role-play fantasy can have a lightheartedness to it, and I recommend it! Come up with some scenarios, but don’t play like it has to come out perfect every time. Leave room for silliness and even for innovation and playful experimentation. Allow things to develop organically. All “organic” scenes have some form of play! So, keep things cuddly, fun, and playful!

Nobody can be forced to grow and expand; it happens all by itself when the freedom to play is exercised liberally! Take advantage of that and take your sex life to the next level with playfulness, giggles, and loving laughter. Have fun!