Sex Toys Burning Out? Check Your Batteries!

When we find the perfect sex toy, we want it to last as long as possible. Overheating is a common reason for replacing a beloved toy, but it can be prevented by using the right kind of batteries in the right way.

The two most common types of batteries are alkaline and rechargeable. Alkaline batteries are inexpensive and easy to find, while many people now choose rechargeable batteries for their toys to be environmentally friendly. Both kinds are fine to use in sex toys as long as they are used correctly…but most people don’t.

What Causes Burnout

Batteries produce two things: amps and voltage. Amps refer to the amount of electrons being pushed through the toy’s wiring, and the voltage describes how fast the electrons are being pushed through.

When batteries start to die the voltage runs out first, but there are still plenty of amps left. Those amps generate heat, but without voltage to keep the toy’s motor spinning fast enough to cool itself, the amps overheat the toy and it burns out. The toy may produce dead spots in its controls, get hot to the touch, or just stop working.

The 3 R’s: Replace, Recharge, Remove

Replace alkaline batteries immediately when you notice them starting to weaken. Don’t throw them away: they may still have enough power to run your TV remote or wireless mouse, but they are not good to use in your favorite sex toy.

For those who love rechargeable batteries, we suggest nickel–metal hydride batteries (NiMH). They are easier to fully charge than the older nickel-cadmium cells (NiCd) and hold a charge longer. Avoid rechargeable batteries labeled “high current” batteries, as these still may lead to overheating problems. Like their alkaline cousins, replace rechargeable batteries when you notice them starting to weaken.

Take the batteries out when the toy is not in use. This keeps the toy from getting accidentally switched on, and prevents the interior wiring from corrosion caused by leaking batteries.

Keep spare batteries around to prevent the temptation to use  batteries until they completely die. Remember, it’s less expensive to buy batteries than it is to replace sex toys every few months.

Paying attention to the batteries can keep your favorite sex toys running for years. No matter what type of battery you use, removal and regular replacement will keep your sex toy motors purring!