Significant Feet!

Gentlemen, may I have your attention!

This is not about a foot fetish sort of thing. This is about a woman’s feet, and the fact that women love to have their feet massaged, tickled, cajoled, stroked, blown upon, and anything else! Many males are oblivious to this fact. They themselves may not be overly impressed with having their own feet massaged, or even touched. The case is completely different for most females of the species. They totally love attention to their feet!

Yes, it is a fact. Many men are completely clueless about this. Where the way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach (as the old adage goes), the way to a woman’s may indeed be through her feet.

Men, ever stop to think why women love pedicures so much? Do you really think it is merely because they desire to have perfectly manicured toenails? Think again! Women report floating in waves of pure meltdown ecstasy from the attentions their pedicurist gives them. Why not take that into account and enjoy watching your own lovely lady melt down from your own attentions? You will be deemed a true Prince, I guarantee.

This is the truth: if you gently offer to give your lady a foot massage, and then start off with a warm, mildly soapy washcloth and pay close attention to cleaning each foot – between the toes, under the soles of her feet, her heels, even her lower calves – she will begin to go into a delightful meltdown. Start with fresh warm water for each foot, and then use a soap-free washcloth to rinse each of them off, finishing with a gentle towel-dry.

Now lightly stroke the length of the sole and sides and tops of each foot with your fingers and fingernails, then pull gently at her toes, rolling them in your fingers, squeezing them playfully just under the toenails. Run your fingernail down from the front of her calf to her toes and then underneath brushing several fingernails under the sole of her foot. One needn’t be a foot fetishist to appreciate the subtle feminine shaping of a woman’s feet, nor to appreciate her reactions to the gentle attention.

Follow this up with gentle squeezing and massaging of the foot all over, pressing into pressure points, continually asking if what you are doing now feels good. Perhaps add some nicely scented massage oil to her feet and give her a complete going over, calves to toes. She will be in heaven the entire time.

Now that you have finished, leave her floating there in seventh heaven for a bit while you go and wash your hands well, then return for some gentle caresses, tender kisses, and anything that might ensue following that. Pretty much anything you could possibly ask for could follow that, so be prepared! And have fun!