The Male Masturbator: Not just for masturbation anymore

Besides being an incredible toy for male solo play, male masturbator toys are great couples’ toys as well. They’re fantastic for foreplay, adding a twist to a traditional handjob or enhancing oral sex.

The hand-job. Men grow up with their penises so they know the extract strokes and rotations it takes to get them aroused. This can leave a partner at a disadvantage when trying to find just the right touch.

Enter the male masturbator. These toys are designed to have a tighter feel and to fit around those curves that may be hard to grip. Most also have a variety of textures inside them to make the sensations sensational. Use plenty of lubricant, slide it on him, and go to town. Using a toy on him plus this snug sensation will definitely get him where you want him. Plus, you get to watch his reactions, which can be quite stimulating.

Oral Sex. From a male’s perspective, the best oral comes from being able to completely put the penis in one’s mouth, and to give a sucking sensation around the base of the shaft. Sounds simple, but more than 50% of women cannot even put half of the penis’s length in their mouth, much less all of it.

This is where that trusty male masturbator comes into play. Now, for this to work properly you do have to have a certain type of male masturbator. You need one that is about 4-6 inches, a very squishy material, and one where the penis is able to go through one end and out the other. A few really good masturbators for this are the Good Head Helping Hand, Head Honcho and My Cocoa Stroker. As previously stated, use a lubricant with a masturbator.

Now that you have everything you need to try this, here’s how it works. Lubricate the masturbator first. Start by giving him a little handjob action with  the toy. Once you’re ready to start performing oral, slide the masturbator to the base of the shaft. As you start to perform oral, gradually allow your hand to continue the handjob motion. You’re essentially performing oral and a hand job at the same time, but since you are using the male masturbator instead of an actual hand, and you’re performing the oral as well, it gives the sensation that you are deep-throating him.

I have had multiple guy friends tell me that since they followed my recommendations and shared this with their partners, they will never receive oral the same way again. The sensation of your oral attention and the masturbator combined is a remarkable feeling for your male partner.

As well as being able to satisfy him, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that even though you may not ever be able to go all the way down and say hello to the base area personally, you are still giving him the same sensation, and for that he will be thankful.

Now with all this useful information you’ve newly gathered, stop by to get a male masturbator and make tonight an experience that you will both remember!