Vibe Guide

Many women discover that adding vibrating toys to their sexual repertoires greatly increases orgasmic potential and response, and this can give a woman a new level of control over her sexual fulfillment. Whether purchasing a toy for yourself or for a female partner, and whether it is intended for individual or partnered use, the reality is the same: vibrators can make orgasms happen more reliably and, if desired, quickly. (We aren’t alone in thinking this is a very good thing.)

The vast array of toy choices can be intimidating, so here are the most popular vibrator styles and what makes each type unique. Whether you’re a novice or a vibrator veteran, remember while most vibrators are designed for a particular function, there are very few wrong ways to use one.

The Rabbit

Rabbit-style toys offer the best of both vibrator worlds: an insertable shaft (which usually rotates, thrusts, and/or vibrates) and a flexible tickler for the clitoris, often designed to look like a rabbit’s ears or other friendly shape. Rabbits are ideal for female masturbation and are a beloved part of sex toy collections all over the world.

The Pocket Rocket

Small, powerful, and extremely portable, the pocket rocket style is what many women think of when they hear the word “vibrator.” These discreet spark plug-shaped toys are made of hard plastic and topped with distinctive nubs. Many of these are one-speed vibrators, though the Travel Teaser has a whopping 7 speeds and pulsation patterns. While they are designed for external vibration only, they can easily be used during both solo and partnered sex. Many of these toys come with one or more textured caps for variety of sensation, and we also offer soft cap attachments for more options.

The Wand

Wand style vibrators are characterized by bulbous vibrating heads attached to wand handles and used for external vibration. The Hitachi Magic Wand is the original wand vibrator, but the line of Body Wand toys is a worthy successor.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an incredibly powerful 2-speed body massager that over 40 years later remains one of the most powerful vibrators around. It is neither quiet nor petite, but its large size and electric (not battery) power translate into nearly seismic vibration. The Magic Wand is built more like a household appliance than your typical adult store novelty, so expect a significantly longer lifespan in exchange for the extra bulk and having to stay close to an electrical outlet.

Body Wand offers a line of wand-style vibrators that either plug into the wall or can recharge for cordless play. With a variety of sizes and speed-control wheels to control the intensity, Body Wand is the next generation in wand-style toys.

An array of attachments get these external toys ready for insertion play, too. Check out the attachments for variety.

Eggs and Bullets

These versatile toy box staples are characterized by a smooth, oblong-shaped vibrator. Egg vibrators usually attach to a battery pack with a cord, while bullet vibrators are usually cordless. Their size and shape makes them useful for a variety of playful purposes. If inserting an egg or bullet, cover it with a condom first and pull on the condom, not the battery cord.  Pulling on the cord to remove an egg will damage the toy.

Wearables and Remote Control Toys

A common style of wearable vibrator is commonly known as a “butterfly”: a mini-vibe encased in a soft jelly rubber tickler and attached to an elastic harness worn by itself or under clothing. (The original version of this toy had a butterfly-shaped tickler, but they now come in many different varieties including bears and bumblebees.) The clitoral vibrator is controlled either by a corded battery pack, or a cordless remote.  The main advantage of cordless is that it’s entirely hands-free and convenient for use during intercourse or, say, lunch.

A variety of insertable remote-controlled toys have come on the market recently, among them the Sensuelle Wireless Bullet and the Bswish BNaughty Premium Unleashed.  These bullet-style vibrators are meant to be inserted, and have small multi-speed remotes perfect for discreet use in public places. The We-Vibe 4‘s design is good for wearing out and about as well, with its remote control and streamlined form providing a snug fit for clitoral and g-spot vibration.


Into this category go all of the vibrating toys intended for vaginal penetration. These vary widely in shape, texture, and power, but they tend to be longer than external vibes. Curved or U-shaped toys provide G-spot stimulation, and some insertables even rotate or twist around like the shafts of rabbit-style toys. Pick a size and shape that appeals, and remember that there is no rule that says you can only own one.