About us

When we opened our doors in August of 2004, our ambition was to create an inclusive, inviting, comfortable shopping experience for all our guests, regardless of gender, orientation, identity, and proclivity. In the ensuing years, we have continually broadened our own horizons — expanding our product lines and expertise — to help you broaden yours. We now offer the most extensive selection in our area, with sections dedicated to sex toys, lingerie, corsets, kink, BDSM, gender expression, and so much more, and we are proud to do it with an emphasis on education, sexual health, and acceptance.

Since 2022 we have been a queer and woman owned business. Regardless of who you are, how you define yourself, or what interests you, we hope to be a resource in your exploration. Come visit us, or drop us a line to see how we can help.

We are located on Highway 70 in Durham, just a few miles from Raleigh and central to the entire RTP area.