Glass Sex Toys


Beautiful, durable, and much safer than you’d think, glass is an excellent material for sex toys. It can be shaped into nubby textures, sculpted into sensual swirls, and tinted with a multitude of colors. Glass dildos are as lovely to look at as they are a pleasure to use.

The most common concern about glass we hear is, "Will it break when I'm using it?" The answer is probably not, though it might break if it's an older toy and it gets dropped on a hard surface. Once upon a time, glass sex toys were made from annealed borosilicate glass, the same material as glass cookware. This strengthening process made the glass resistant to breakage and chipping, but it also meant the sex toys were quite expensive. Changes to manufacturing processes made glass sex toys more budget-friendly, but also means that some newer glass toys aren't as durable as ones made a decade ago. If a glass toy is dropped, check it for chips, splits, or cracks and do not use it if you discover rough spots, scratches, or other damage.

Aside from metal, glass sex toys are the firmest ones out there. G-spot and prostate stimulation often requires unyielding pressure for maximum pleasure, and glass is great for putting pressure where it's needed. It's also non-porous, so any type of lubricant can be used with them without damaging the toy. Lube can make glass toys hard to hold, though, so we suggest wrapping one end in a washloth or using a latex glove to make gripping the smooth surface easier. Glass is hypoallergenic and ideal for people with latex sensitvities (or just mindful of what they put in their bodies).

For people into sensation play, glass toys can be heated or cooled before use. Warm them by running them under hot tap water, or cool them with a few minutes in the refrigerator. Extreme temperatures may weaken the glass, so skip the freezer and don't submerge them in boiling water. Remember, hot glass looks exactly the same as cold glass, so test the temperature before placing the glass against the genitals to prevent injury.

Because of its non-porous nature and interesting textures, glass is great for anal play. Look for anal-safe toy designs when shopping for your new glass piece, such as a flared base or handle to ensure the toy does not get "lost" inside the anus.

Clean up is a breeze with glass. Soap and water is fine to clean a glass dildo, and toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution can be used to sanitize them.

  • Pros: Non-porous, durable, can be used for temperature play. Available at various price points. Phthalate-free.
  • Cons: Cracks and chips are rare, but a toy should be discarded if one is found.
  • Recommended lubricant: All lubricants are safe to use with glass, though silicone will make them extremely slippery.
  • Cleaning: Soap or detergent, toy cleaner, alcohol, or 10% bleach solution.

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  • Julia Eckard