Kegel Exercises: What they are and how to do them


We often hear people ask how to tighten the vagina, or how to have stronger orgasms. While creams and schemes might produce immediate but short-lasting results, kegel exercises are the best way to achieve long lasting orgasmic results. But what exactly is a kegel?

A kegel is the squeezing of the pubococcygeus muscles, commonly called the PC muscles. These muscles run from the pubic bone all the way to the tailbone. When your PC muscles are nice and strong, you’ll be able to squeeze them around your partner during intercourse, creating that tight sensation that many are interested in achieving. Strong PC muscles will also increase your own orgasm potential, since they are the same muscles responsible for the contractions that occur during orgasm. If you have a penis, you can do these exercises to help delay premature ejaculation, improve erectile dysfunction, and maintain bladder control. They may even increase your libido. Kegel exercises can also be useful if you are pregnant or recovering from vaginal childbirth.

A quick and easy way to locate your PC muscles is to stop urination mid-stream. If you are able to do that you have found your PC muscles! Starting and stopping your urine is not a recommended way to exercise, but it’ll help you understand where the muscles are and how to contract them. Exercising the PC muscles is just like exercising any other muscle: squeeze for five seconds, and release for five seconds. Repeat this five or six times, about three times a day. As you find yourself getting stronger, increase the duration to ten seconds per interval, and continue increasing your hold time as you see fit. Play with the tempo by squeezing very slowly or very fast to see how it feels. Keeping up this regular exercise routine will make you stronger in no time.

If you’re having trouble locating the muscles, or simply want a different way to exercise, weighted balls called kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, can help. These are small, round balls inserted into the vagina with a small amount of lubricant. They will help you remember to squeeze because they will fall out if you don’t!

There are many types of kegel balls. Some are solid glass or metal, and some have a ball-within-a-ball design for stimulation while you’re kegeling. As a beginner you may want to try a larger set that comes with a silicone sleeve attached to a loop for easy removal, as well as a step-by-step work out guide, The silicone sleeve will provide more security if you are nervous about inserting the individual balls. Larger balls are easier to hold in the vagina, so you have more control while holding them in place.

There are battery-powered vibrating balls that are meant to be even more pleasurable while also reminding you to squeeze as they vibrate.

Unconnected glass balls and metal balls are heavier and generally the hardest to keep in. Perfect for the advanced kegeler! It isn’t recommended to use these balls in public or while doing any strenuous physical activity. They can easily fall out with a cough or a sneeze, so working out at home is best, unless you’re feeling adventurous.

Kegel balls are a fun way to work out your PC muscles and gain the strength you need to achieve your greatest orgasms and overall sexual health. Whatever way you choose to exercise, we hope you feel the results are worth the effort!




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  • Gaby Soto-Lemus