Valentine's Day Shopping Tips - Buying gifts for her


Valentine's Day can be an opprtunity to romance the woman in your life with sexy gifts...or an anxiety-riddled deadline to choose the "perfect" romantic present. Breathe, relax, and use this handy guide to make shopping for a sexy V-Day gift stress-free.

Tip #1: Review what she already has (and likes).

Before hitting the store, do a little reconnaissance. Look through the toy chest to see what sort of sex toys she already has. If one toy gets used more than the others, that's a good indication of her preferences. Look at the toy's design. Is it soft and squishy, or a firm texture? If it vibrates, does it have lots of vibration patterns or one strong steady speed? How big is it?

If your partner doesn't have any toys yet, think about what your sweetie does like. Does she like clitoral stimulation, or is g-spot attention a bigger turn-on? Does she like anal play? These details will help you pick something with features your partner will love.

If lingerie is what you had in mind, start with what your partner already owns and likes to wear. What parts of her body does it enhance (or hide)? For example, if everything she owns has sleeves, that's a hint that she doesn't like to show off her arms, so buying her something sleeveless might not be a great idea. Another approach is to pick something that enhances your favorite part of her body. If you like her legs, pick a pair of alluring stockings and when you present them to her, tell her how much you like her legs and you wanted to get her something to show them off.

Tip #2: Write down sizes.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to buy clothes for someone when you don't know her size. If lingerie is your gift of choice this Valentine's Day, do some prep work to make shopping a breeze. Look at the tags in your sweetie's underwear, her favorite pair of pants, t-shirts, and bra and write down the sizes you find there. Make a note of  how tall your sweetie is and if you don't know her exact height, know how tall she is in comparison to you; that's a starting place. Bring those measurements with you to the store so sales clerks can use them to help you find styles and sizes to fit.

Many lingerie styles are stretch-to-fit or cut in a way to accommodate a variety of body shapes. Some have height and weight measurements on the back. With stretch-to-fit styles, it can be pretty easy to find something that will fit.

However, corsets have to be fitted on the person to make sure they fit correctly. If her heart is set on a corset, give your lover a pretty wrapped box containing a certificate for a corset fitting. That way she has something to unwrap, and gets a gift that she knows will fit her just right!

Tip #3: Bring the link.

You know that sex toy your girlfriend showed you on her phone that one time, and it was purple? Yeah, we don't remember it either. If you found something in your online hunting, save the link on your phone, take a screen shot, or print out the photo and specs and bring it with you to show a clerk. It is WAY easier to show us something on your phone than it is to try to remember. If the store doesn't have that exact item, the staff may know of an item with similar features (or better ones).

Tip #4: Ask for help.

You might do your shopping at the great local adult store. You might shop for erotic gifts exclusively online. You might have a truly loyal friend who will go to the adult store as your personal shopper while you instruct her by phone about what you want. Whatever shopping method you choose, ask questions about products and enlist a salesperson's aid if you need it. Clerks have training and product knowledge that they are happy to share with you, and many clerks are happy to take items out of the package for closer examination (but please don't open packages yourself). Frisky Business Boutique also has tons of demo models out for our customers to peruse in store.

Tip #5: When in doubt, keep it simple.

Sometimes you just don't know what to get. If choosing lingerie or toys is overwhelming, keep your sexy gift simple. Pick one or two small things like flavored lubricant, a game, a vibrating cock ring, or a coupon book of erotic activities. Try a gift box with a variety of things, or build your own.

Tip #6: It's the (sexy) thought that counts.

"What if she doesn't like it?" is a frequently-voiced fear when it comes to erotic gift-giving, but it really is the thought that counts with sexy presents. You're expressing your desire for the recipient through a gift that says, "I want to give you pleasure, see you naked, and have fun with you." Don't stress about it being the perfect gift. Instead, focus on a gift that might bring a pleasurable experience for both of you.

With a little planning, an erotic Valentine's Day present can be a romantic (and easy) way to say "I love you!"

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  • Julia Eckard