Floggers versus Paddles, Crops & Slappers


Two issues to get out of the way first for those who might be new to BDSM, flogging, paddles, crops and/or slappers:

1) Never, ever strike at the kidney regions on a person's back. This area is two to five inches above the buttocks to the left and right of the spine. It's the soft flesh between the lower ribs and the hipbones. It's unprotected by bones, it houses vital organs, and is easy to hurt. This part of the lower back is totally off-limits.

2) Proper stance is vital to hit the target every time and prevent injury. Stand still, feet planted firmly, and drop your arm without leaning your body forward.  This flogging technique makes it far easier to hit what you're aiming for. It also  uses a minimum of physical effort, so the flogger-handling person can go long periods without tiring the arms, wrists, back or core.To adjust your aim, move your entire body by changing where you are standing (step forwards, backwards, or side to side). Then, again standing square-and-firm, drop your arm from that new location. Practice on a pillow first before you try on a person. When you can hit the pillow accurately every time, then it is OK to move on to a human subject.

OK, now that that's done, let's move on to why I called this post Floggers versus Paddles, Crops & Slappers.

This will be controversial.

I often wonder why people try to use a flogger on people's butts. It is very hard to do, especially if the person is standing. Either way, it is quite difficult to land the tips of the flogger directly on the sweet spot of the subject's behind. It is so very easy to miss entirely and "wrap" the person you are flogging, resulting in un-submissive-like complaining.  Avoid the problem completely and don't flog behinds at all, but if you must, flog subjects' behinds while they are lying on their stomachs, where you can have much more control.

In case you do not know what wrapping feels like, you are one of the fortunate ones. Wrapping is what happens when you miss the intended target and the falls of the flogger wrap around the person's rear to strike with overwhelmingly intense force on the person's side, by their thighs or hips. The falls' speed increase from this wrapping motion is quite astonishing, to put it mildly. It breaks the mood because the top has obviously just screwed up, and this can damage the trust level that the submissive/recipient has for the top. Plus it really, really stings! A lot! An "I'm sorry" from the top is in order when this happens. An "I'm SO sorry!" is even more in order.

Besides that factor, I have very strong opinions concerning these toys. Here they are:

Floggers are for backs.

Paddles, slappers, and crops are for behinds.

Slappers and crops are for all over the body.

Paddles are superior for dealing with rear ends as compared to floggers because they are infinitely more controllable. If sting is what you want in this area, paddles and slappers rule the day. This includes the classic 12-inch wooden ruler, or its modern equivalent: the sanded-down Lowe's paint stirrer. Paddle that butt. So satisfying!

Well-aimed slappers—and crops in the right hands—can certainly be as good as paddles, and are also great for everywhere else. Two slappers, one in each hand, is a terrific way to have fun! Get rhythmic with them! Play your subject like a nice, big drum set. They will be dancing quite entertainingly.

Canes are such an advanced toy that I do not include them here with much emphasis, as they require proper training and practice under guidance to use correctly (both for best effect and so as not to hurt anyone). Once you learn how to wield a cane properly, they can be far superior to floggers for just about everywhere but a person's back.

Floggers are so amazing on a person's back that nothing can equal them, be they stingy ones, thuddy ones, or something utilitarian and in-between. They can be used for long, long periods of time without wearing out the person doing the flogging (if they maintain a proper flogging stance). The longer you can last flogging, the happier your floggee will be!

Flog backs. Paddle bottoms. Use slappers, crops and other implements everywhere else. Everyone concerned will be saying, "How can we lose with the system we use!"


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