Men and Their Butts


First and foremost, let's get one thing out of the way: A man's sexual preference is defined by who he is attracted to.  Enjoying anal play does not make a person homosexual, and anal penetration will not turn a heterosexual man into a homosexual one.

I say this because so many males resist the idea of putting anything "in there," be it a vibrator, butt plug, or prostate stimulator/massager. They resist as if the mere thought of doing so might turn them into homosexuals, which is a scary idea to some men.

Regardless of sexual orientation, anal play can be pleasurable, especially for men. There are almost as many erogenous zone-style nerve endings in the anus as there are in the female clitoris. Men also have bundled nerve clusters near the prostate gland that are the male equivalent of the female G-spot. These nerve clusters hold the potential for men to have full-body and multiple orgasms, just as the G-spot does for women. This is why the prostate is often called the "male G-spot" or the "P-spot" for that nerve cluster's proximity to the prostate.

The prostate is important to male health, and frequently neglected until something goes wrong with it. The American tendency to work sitting down means not nearly enough fresh oxygen and nutrient-rich blood gets delivered to the lower abdomen, particularly the prostate area. Problems like prostitis, enlarged prostate, prostate infections and prostate cancer are on the rise in this country. To help combat these conditions, use prostate massagers like the Aneros MGX to increase circulation. Such a pleasurable way to stay healthy!  (Read more on male sexual health, including some useful exercises, here and here!)

Lastly, the pure sexual enjoyment to be received from those nerve endings surrounding the sphincter and deeper within the anus is something any woman who enjoys anal sex has come to appreciate. Probably as a result, there is a growing interest by women in strap-on play with their male partners, and this is encouraging men to experiment more than ever before. (Just as with females, anal play for men requires some considerations for safety and to avoid bruising the second sphincter, as detailed in my other blog on anal play for beginners.)

So relax, men. Anal play will not change your sexual orientation. It will simply give you more fun and enjoyment. Prostate massage using a sex toy will help to improve your overall sexual health, and possibly extend your lifetime. Harness play is a ton of fun, and lots of women love doing it (or would like to).  Relax that butt of yours. You'll be glad you finally did!

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