Put a Ring on It (Your penis, that is)


An erection ring is a handy little toy with multiple purposes. Looking at one, you wouldn’t suspect that it would have any effect on your sex life, but don’t be fooled! There are many types of rings and each has a different purpose, making rings a surprisingly versatile toy. Let’s look at different styles of erection rings and talk about how and why they are used. Keep in mind, this article is focused mainly on people who have penises because rings are typically designed with penises in mind, but they are not the only people who benefit from erection rings!

The most basic erection ring is a small stretchy ring commonly made out of stretchy thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) or silicone, but there are many made of leather or metal. These simple erection rings are worn at the base of the penis, and are meant to trap blood flow, helping it stay harder for a longer period of time. Rings may also help maintain an erection after ejaculation and are a common toy used to combat erectile dysfunction. One approach to helping someone with ED reach an erection is to first use a penis pump and, once the penis is erect, slip on a erection ring to keep it hard. It is advised not to wear an erection ring for longer than 30 minutes at a time for your own safety. If you feel any discomfort, coldness, or pain, take the ring off.

Rings that contain a small vibrator on top of the ring are very popular for couples to use during vaginal sex. If you are looking for something that might please both you and your partner, consider a vibrating ring! Whether you’re wearing the vibrating ring on your own penis or around the base of a dildo, the vibration will provide lovely stimulation for both partners. At the base of the penis, the vibration will pulse through the length of the shaft, and can be felt by your partner. The vibrator on top of the ring is meant to come into contact with the clitoris and give that extra stimulation that so many people need in order to orgasm. This works when worn on dildos, too! The vibration will transfer to the dildo and both partners will still feel it.

There are many variations of the vibrating ring. Some are made with two rings as well as the vibrator. For people looking for an even more intense experience, these rings are excellent. One ring is worn at the base of the penis and the other ring stretches down around the scrotum. That second ring pulls gently on the scrotum, creating the unique sensation of pressure and weight that many people enjoy. A metal ring worn around the scrotum will intensify that weight.

Looking for something a little different? Craving even more sensation? Then you might want to try a triad chamber ring. These rings are meant to cage the genitals. One ring rests at the base of the penis, one around the scrotum, and the largest ring encompasses both the penis and the scrotum at once. These can aid in very intense orgasms!

As you can see, there are so many kinds of erection rings, each with their specific purpose both for sexual pleasure and health. There are even more than what I described here! Once you find the right ring for you, it can be an incredibly fun and useful toy to enhance your sex life. So explore! Try a couple different kinds of rings and see what you like. After all, an adventurous sex life is all about trying new things.





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  • Gaby Soto-Lemus