Sensual Massage


Sensual massage is a great way to connect with your partner. It can create an emotional bond and build intimacy for both new and long-term relationships, while also adding to your erotic repertoire. It is important for couples to connect physically without the pressure of climaxing. Perhaps sex has become a chore, or you are feeling less sexual than you used to. Perhaps you simply want to find a new way to please your partner. No matter the reason, making time to explore new sensations with your partner can be the key to increasing libido and rejuvenating a stale sex life. When done with care, massage can lead to loving intimacy, and beautiful, hot sex.

A big part of making a massage special is to show you care by setting the scene. Is there relaxing music? Are there candles? Perhaps your partner's favorite scent fills the air. Use whatever you think will set the mood for a sensual experience. Once your partner is lying comfortably, use a nice massage oil or lotion  that will reduce friction to make your strokes go smoothly over the skin.

Start by placing your hands on a larger set of muscles, like the upper back. Create pressure with the heel of your hands or the knuckles. Communicate with your partner about what feels good as you go. This will help them relax as well as help you make the massage as pleasurable as possible. Do they like firm pressure, light strokes, or a combination of the two? Do they like light karate chops, kneading, or circular motion? Once you’ve communicated and worked through the larger sets of muscles, you can move to parts of the body that turn you both on.

Knowing your partner’s erogenous zones can raise a massage from relaxing to erotic for both the masseuse and the recipient. Common erogenous zones are the head, lips, ears, breasts and nipples, lower back, stomach (especially lower belly, close to the pubic bone), feet, hands, and of course the genitals. Even lightly brushing over these areas can increase blood flow, which elevates mood and libido. Pay attention to your partner's reaction to what you’re doing. Do they quiver when you caress their stomach? If so, you may want to give this spot a little extra attention with kisses or affectionate nibbles. Be careful to avoid too much pressure over internal organs, as this can be uncomfortable and in general not safe for the body.

There are several ways to enhance an already-stimulating massage. A feather tickler can be an excellent sensual tool. The pressure of your hands plus the light tickle of the feather can be an arousing sensation indeed. On the other end of the spectrum, a sensation wheel can be just the thing for someone who enjoys a prickling, sharp sensation with their massage. To increase eroticism, try edible massage oil. Teasing your partner by licking their favorite spots is a sure-fire way to turn them on.

A massage can certainly lead to exciting sex, but whether that is your goal or not, massage can bring you and your partner together in ways you wouldn’t expect. Building trust and closeness in your relationship through touch will support your emotional connection as well as your erotic one. So don’t be shy! Let your partner know you care about their pleasure by giving them a sensational experience they won’t soon forget.





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  • Gaby Soto-Lemus